Sunday, December 14, 2008

i was not looking for artsy fartsy love

HEY!! sorry for the lack of posts ( i should really stop making promises) . Anyways, camera got confiscated in school.... So yeah! Well this is what i wore today:

a lot of girls kept on staring at my outfit, even one complimented on my (sister's) pin

Blazer: old navy
Cami: old navy
Skirt: Kids of Bayo
Necklace: f21
Pin: sister's (don't remember where she got it from)
Shoes: Old Navy

It was really hot when i went to the bazaar, so i took off my blazer

Im supposed to look like a kid pissed at her stage mom


i love this skirt, its awesome!! it gives me this 50s vibe. TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!
OH! and i got a new bike!! its metallic pink, it kinda sickened me for awhile and i wanted to change the colour, but i got used to it . i forgot to take a picture, maybe next time :) the thing is, no handbrakes, it has footbrakes.

til next time!
andie the pandi