Saturday, October 31, 2009

i dont care, ill just pull your underwear

hey...isnt that pirate talk?
i dont know if you havent noticed, but i was a sailor girl person like thing :D
matching with the awesome montse!
i wanted to draw a fake tattoo with something like a heart with those little ribbon things saying a name like "jessies girl" (<-rick springfield \m/) or whatever, that wouldve been cool... no time though, bleh.

sailor dress: niner's
sailor hat: niner's
striped shorts: ?
heart tights: topshop
flats: topshop

well i was actually "Belle" from "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" in the daytime during trick or treating, then i changed into the sailor costume because i was all gross and sweaty... and i really wanted to wear both costumes. but i was more like a screwed up belle, wearing my sisters old belle costume dress with black knee high chucks and long boarded around while trick or treating( i didnt take a pic though... but i featured the dress before in a really old post). several kids shouted "you look like a freak" and someone was wobbling a bobble head through their car window saying "dont fall!" and random people yelled at me. uhmm...this is halloween.

WOAHMAHGOSH! i just realised, i was a princess by day and a sailor by night. I JUST HAD A HANNAH MONTANA MOMENT YOU GUYS! ew. might as well be like selena russo or whatever that chick from the show thing with them wizards who like sell burgers or tacos or shiz like that. wtf.

im kinda bummed though.
all the good candies were gone by the time i went trick or treating and loads of house had queues, what the...
my group was supposed to be the addams family but uncle fester left and so it just tore us apart
yes i know that was what happened in the movie, BUT SERIOUSLY! OUR UNCLE FESTER WENT OUT OF TOWN!
yeah, wasnt feeling this halloween. and what makes it worse was that it was my first halloween after like 3 years because i would always go out of town during my semestral break. ah well.

hope you guys had a good one!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


i watched "This Is It" today
im speechless, LOVE IT! some parts can get kind of boring though because youre anticipating for like the really awesome parts, but when you get to the awesome parts, its really awesome, like SO AWESOME i cant describe.
such a pity...
a part of me still thinks hes alive though. like hes in...hiding? i dont know
yeah same goes for elvis.
jacket: kids of bayo
MJ shirt: department store
star spangled pants: DIY-ed :P
socks: ?
shoes: francesco
really random photography done by the FABULOUS claudia, thanks bub.
tried to copy his pose on my shirt, fail.

and i dont know what im doing here, dont judge me.

later taterz (uhm...i want pizza now)
-loserfan andie in all her glory
oh and i forgot to ask, what are you gonna be for halloween?

Monday, October 12, 2009

skinny and bony

(haha yeah thats^ an inside joke)

i seriously love this top, it was my mum's, though i dont know when or where from...
and when i saw it, i knew exactly how i wanted to wear it:
like some dorky kid (named polly or llphf5rakniyia or something) from the 90s who collects bicycle parts (what??), obsessed with the power rangers, loves to poke dead things with sticks, and absolutely loves listening to old records and watching old movies with her grandma on weekends. she aspires to be a bacteriologist (wth) and wants a microscope (or an ant farm...or both :O ) for her birthday. yeah... that came from the back of my weird...

top: mum's old
shorts: sister's old
socks: h&m
shoes: h&m
nerdy glasses: 3D glasses with the lenses punched out
tin lunchbox: camden lock

oh and the sun was out today! it was marvelous! got really pissed though, because i was trapped in school, so when i got home it was going away (come back!).
surprised i dont have a jumping pic, awwww poopie:(

yeah i know that pic isnt all that great or funny or anything good (MS PAINT ROCKS!!), but i just wanted to make a point that shes not very popular.....

well toodleloo, i have to go, ermmm, polish my bicycle parts now.... (???)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hey oh, listen to what i say ohhhhhh

GREETINGS! i striped on some blue and red sharpies on my face for a presentation i had to do for literature, and now it wont come off!! :| :(
so might as well put it to good use, yeah?
oh and sorry i havent been posting lately, i was partially swamped and now im free and will most likely be swamped again. yeah..

top: diy-ed
spandex suit (worn under): garage sale
checkered button down: sister's old
spider tights: claires
tri strap flats: zara
rainbow shoe lace (worn as a headthing whatever): sister's

i feel awesome from finding ways to use two of the things i bought at the last garage sale, that i thought i would never wear: the random tee, that i ripped the sleeves off of, and the neon spandex isnt that GRAND? (no not really....)

now what do you think of the button down tied around the waist?

quite like this picture with the light reflecting on the mirror and all...
thanks ina from babybarbarella for taking my pics !

run along now little indian

Thursday, October 1, 2009


HOLA! another storm is heading our way, not cool.

spandex suit: garage sale
lightning skinnies: DIY-ed
studded belt: sister's
sneaks: camden lock

and a lot of you have been asking me to make a DIY tutorial on most of my DIYs: the rainbow skirt, the union jack flag mini, the top with the heart at the back, THEYRE ALL PAINTED! oh yes... so simple. NOW GO CHOOSE A RANDOM PIECE OF CLOTHING AND GO PAINT WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT!

and i dont know if you havent noticed, but i totally painted a pair of white skinny jeans with black lightning bolts in homage to who else?
do i really have to say his name?

thanks to beans for taking my pics
now, say goodnight
-andie (yeah im watching movie right now :P...hush!)