Wednesday, September 23, 2009

fun fun fun

yes, i know im really late but... POLADROID IS SUPER COOL! you can make your pics look like polaroids and shiz like that... WOAHH!! though other people can make theirs look cooler.
none the less, i now show you shiz that i bought at my friends' garage sale, but! touched with a little poladroid magic *winkwink* --puhritty gay

1. a quilted vest with tiny fruits and flowers on it
2. a tuxedo vest thats just a tad too big for me (i'll live)
3. some really random shirt that i might be able to deconstruct
4. a denim vest! :D
5. a kids belt, JOY! :D
6. some neon spandex suit
(i didnt poladroid it cause it was cut off)

and some random pics like:

me as julius caesar (yeah im in an all girls school)
and really kick ass pictures of my bro when he was still a young power rangers fanboy:

haha, love em, catch ya later

Saturday, September 19, 2009

you got to be good looking cause hes so hard to see

kaw HELLO THERE! the angel of my nightmare...


okay so that song is stuck in my head. anyways, today was a lovely day. the sun was out (though it is now really hot, and even with rain, its still warm) and i now have THE BEATLES ROCK BAND (frickin awesome, yes!), things are turning out just fine and dandy for me. hurrah!

top: DIY-ed
skirt: malaysia
belt/chain: sister's old
lace tights: sister's
shoes: zara
watch: geee whiz its a CASIO!

oh and i dont know if you guys havent noticed, im seriously in love with my watch *ehemCASIOehem*. yes, my dad got me one awhile back, and ive just been like flaunting it around like so:"hey what time is it? oh wait i forgot...I HAVE A CASIO" or "the time? i know, ill just check my CASIO"
i am so lame, but then again, arent we all?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i just can't get enough

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! behold my fashion bible: "ELLE style book: the 80s"

i bought this a while back, it was on sale at the bookstore, but the jacket was kinda torn and it opens flat, which isnt really good, BUT I JUST HAD TO GET IT. ITS ABOUT THE 80s!! and you know how i love/adore the 80s, so HOW COULD I NOT GET IT? and there were so many things i wanted to show you guys, but that would take too long i guess, so i leave you with just some of the designers they included in it, cuz im not sure if i put in all of them.
(sorry if some of the pics are not rotated right, dont know whats up with that, maybe you could just tilt your heads to one side or something....)

AMAZING! i hope to show you more :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

make a wish

yes this is quite random, but it is something to rejoice about in a strange, amusing way

dress: old navy
stirrup spandex suit: garage sale
sneaks: old navy
keyboard necklace: gift
plastic cuff: free toy
rose bracelet: DIY-ed
mahjong bracelet: mum
watch: CASIO!!!!! (:D)
'09 glasses: bazaar

kinda jealz of my friend though, todays her birthday, so imagine if she makes her wish at 9:09 am/pm? WOAHHNESS!!! gawsh i hate her! and DANGGIT! i forgot to make a wish during those times, frick.
have a good one!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

all you need is love

so recently, the weather has really bummed me out. rain rain rain ALL DAY! id rather have it bipolar than all rain and no shine, if i say so myself. but no... mother nature's just mental that way, which is why i decided to come up with an outfit to brighten up my day :)

i made this rainbow skirt awhile back, last summer (my summer which is like early march), actually. but i haven't really gotten the chance or idea to wear it...

motorcycle jacket: sister's
graphic tee: bazaar
rainbow skirt: DIY-ed
jelly shoes: gift

and im so glad to say that it worked well, very much. (<--something seems rather off with that sentence dont you think? grrr... stupid composition teacher)

thank you, now i bid you ta ta for now!

rainbow stylin!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

anything to make you smile

hey sorry for no posting much, just didnt feel like it yknow? mostly laziness and i had to sort a few things out, so i guess im good now (threw a few chairs at some people, and i went to the beach so .....I THINK IM TOTALLY GOOD NOW).


i tried making this outfit look like a romper or like those happy camper things(<---what?), which is kinda cool yeah? kinda failed though, but im pretty much happy with the results anyways.

although im not sure how i feel about mixed denims...your thoughts?

button down: diy
skirt: sister's old
shorts: ?
socks: ?
shoes: converse
ribbon necklace: sister's
fabric bead necklace thing: dorothy perkins
sunnies: h&m

oh those blue stripes isnt my undie btw, theyre shorts :D

its camp!