Monday, March 16, 2009

my heart is screaming

SERIOUSLY sorry for the lack of posts, but its exam week and i really have to study. Im actually supposed to be studying right now, but i had to get some reviewers from my friend, so i thought i might as well....
i shall put random things that appeal to me:

im sorry, but dont you find it odd, that when you say LOL, you're not even laughing out loud?
this is how i feel towards my LOVELY, beyond retarded exams

images^ from

okay only one was seriously beyond retarded, my compostion exam


i think ill [TRY TO] make one for fun, and if so Home Ec :)
image from

oh and this is some random thing me and my friend (CLAUDIA!!!) did:
domo arigato mr. robato

with parts made from japan! (a secret secret, ive got a secret)

see that^? thats me
just so you know, that is not a mask. can you guess what it is?

thanks for your precious time, i will go sulk about school now
-some weird robot-monster-like-thing-that- actually- has- feelings-and-goes-by-the-name-ANDIE

Friday, March 6, 2009

truly outrageous

HEY GUYS!!! sorry for the lackage of postage lately, had a lot schoolwork, since its almost my final exams before summer holiday, so its practically hellweek.
Anyways, i helped my friend's group in the julius caesar video play thingamabob, and their theme was 80s.
AND THIS WAS MY COSTUME (even though i only had like 5 lines, VERY IMPORTANT and truly outrageous 5 lines may i add):
spandex suit: garage sale
vest: garage sale
skirt: handmedown
belt: flea market
tights: target
socks: zara
shoes: zara
sunnies: wet seal
i love the print of the spandex suit, it totally reminded me of the 80s, like TRULY! but goodness gracious was it hot to the MAX! this outfit is tots not wearable in a tropical country like the philippines in the beginnning of summer. but wearing it was a total headrush :D
me trying to do an electric youth move
and me trying to copy footloose

i think i wanna actually wear this outfit someday, but ill find my way to beat the heat, catch ya later!
-andie (a JEM girl)