Tuesday, May 25, 2010

and... were back

hey guys! i know i havent been posting as much i used to before, but i havent been going out much so i dont really want to bother with my outfits anymore. right now i guess ill just post this  outfit that i wore whilst i was still in san diego.
sweater:mums old
shorts: thrifted
sparkly socks: H&M
sneaks: sister's old
palm tree sunglasses: i forgot the name of the store :(
purse: sister's

simple, i know.
arrrr i miss cold weather!! :( :(
the weather has been so hot, like i cannot wear anything at all. which totally sucks cuz my usual to go outfits are oversized sweatas and a pair of leggingz. the leggings part is okay, but the sweaters will eat me alive

anyways im gonna go reply to your comments now :D
til next time!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


hey guys! it took me about like 5 tries to finally post something. sorry it was that long, computer isnt exactly the best way to use your last free summer wisely (next summer im gonna be prepping for college entrance exams, wooo so hyped...) and its been so hot lately, yknow...since it is EL NINO, that all ive been wearing are tanks and shorts. booo
so heres what i wore today :D
i wore this to the first battle of the bands thing in palms and my friend kept on complaining to me that she was really creeped out by the fact that almost everyone was just staring at my leggings, though, sorry clauds!! but other than that, i had a blast :D

sweater:H &M young (the little boys section :P)
leggings: DIY
sneaks: converse
i DIYed these leggings after i saw them on american apparel because there is no way i could afford american apparel. okay well there was that ONE time when my cousin let me use her employee discount, BUT STILL. its very expensive. chyeah!

anyways i gotta go now, my mum has been bugging me for how long to let her go on facebook.
ill try to reply asap, see ya!