Monday, June 28, 2010


HI! this is a ridiculously old post but i havent had internet for awhile so ermmm yeah...
sorry for the lack of posts!
anyways i wore this when i "chilled" with my friends and ate super duper awesome cupcakes
dress: wr flea market
coconut bag: gift
sneaks: SM!!
babushka doll necklace: gift
just playing with the camera...
and incase you were wondering, i got this: da cookie monster
its a butter cupcake with cream icing, chocolate chips, a little cookie on top and...wait for it....
A FRICKIN COOKIE DOUGH CENTER! dang it was so good
anyways im gonna go now because theres this major lightning storm and im get beyond freaked.
thanks for stopping by :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

why do wanna go and put starz in your eyes?

ive been such a terrible blogger lately. i hardly ever post anymore and i take so long to reply to your comments. probably cuz school just started 3 days ago and im already stressed, gosh. anyways this is what i wore the other day to my sister's birthday :)
star embroidered sweater: thrifted
rhinestone studded tulle skirt: hong kong
flats: zara
i know my outfits been really simple lately, but i felt so pretty/girly in this outfit i just had to post it.
anyways ima go reply to your comments now :)
see youzzz

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

out of my hue

i suck at travel posts
anyways i spent one day in hue (pronounced as "way", not the pun  in the title...not very funny, but yeah...)
the only place i was able to go to though was the old palace, i came 30 minutes before closing time <--not enough to look around, but its all good)
i wore: my mum's old americana button up, thrifted high waisted shorts, gola sneakers, vampire sunglasses from party city and a monchichi bag :)

 i was actually surprised that none of the workers there were bothered by the fact that my family and i stuck the laterns on our heads and played around with them. if it were me i wouldve been like "stupid tourists playing with our stuff" but they didnt, so cool.

and thats all :D

Friday, June 4, 2010


im in hoi anh right now (ohmygoshyoushouldseetheresortimstayingat *dies**resurrects*) but im just posting pics from my trip to hanoi. its absolutely gorgeous there. kind of looks like paris almost if i think about it, minus the cold weather plus a bajillion vietnamese and a chinese temple in the middle of the lake :D

the charlie chaplin chocolate molten cake with vanilla icecream and chocolate drizzle. a really bad pic, but it was awesome

what i wore:

heart frames: H&M
floral dress: childhood closet
belt: sisters
sneaks: converse

i stayed at this hotel called the sofitel metropole and its too cute! you should see it. i didnt take much pictures of it cuz my camera dies all the time because my brother and i share the power chord.
the bottle slip looked like it had a dracula collar, so i drew on fangs :P

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

just like a star

hi :D
sorry for the lack of posts (again) (<--so sick of that line i swear, but it must be used)
im in Viet nam right now and the internet all the hotels ive been to (except this one) had to be paid for. goooo free internet!!!
warning: picture heavy post
warning#2: i suck at photography.

this is what i wore:
romper: cinderella
 sneakers: camden
i know its really simple, but the side of my (brand new) romper ripped when i was going out of the taxi at the end of the day. my siblings said i could just fix it, but wouldnt you be annoyed that something brand new gets ruined? gosh. 
and thats about it.