Saturday, January 24, 2009

i see a little silhouetto of a MAN

Today wasnt the best day to wear this black outfit. I felt like being "emo" today, but i ended up looking more like a waiter/preppy little boy, than an "emo" peep. So in an attempt to make myself look "emo", i played with my hair a but, but it didn't work out. My hair was a mess, wore it that way to church, and ended up getting a lot of stares. And my dad laughed "is that the new look?", i replied "its the style daddy, its the style" (its kind of an inside joke actually:D)

blazer: oldnavy
tuxedo shirt: kids of bayo
jeans: robinson's department store
shoes: converse
button: somewhere around the house
alice-in-wonderland necklace: bazaar

i didnt really like the patch on this blazer, so i would wear button/pins (whatever) to cover it up

i just love my alice in wonderland necklace, i also wore it in this post, but you cant really see it.

stay cool, stay in school
-andie THE pandi (aww yeah)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


HUZZAH!!! A NEW BANNER!! its not THAT great, but i found it MUCH better than my previous one:

AVAST! the new one i actually put (some) thought into!!!:

i got the picture from a postcard i bought from an art museum's gift shop in shanghai, yay.

And i will most likely change it again.
hope ya like it :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

everybody look down, its all in your mind

HEY!! sorry for the blocking thing, i was playing around with my account when i was bored, and i left it on authors only. whoops :D and sorry for the lack of posts, mucho lazy.

this is the fabulous dress i told you guys about before. The one that i said was sooo pretty or something like that. Remember?? I wore this dress to a wedding and this weird formal thing that we had in school to learn formal dining etiquette. And i wore the tights again :D:D WEEEEE!!! My teachers kept staring at them. It was funny :P

dress: anthology
shoes charlotte russe
tights: target

necklace: bazaar
OH! and id like you guys to meet: Gregory Erique Maximillion, the striped horse they call "zebra". toys RULE when you never got one when you were really small. RAWK ON!!!

later alligator


pps.the moon was big-ass today, LOOK!