Friday, May 29, 2009

streetlight people

HUGE SORRY! for the gimungous lack of posts, its just that its my summer, and its almost over, unlike you lucky people out there who just started (im so jealz). so i must think of awesome ways to use up my summer wisely, yes....

so anyways, during the summer, i have made a lot of DIYs, cuz im bored....and so i made this fabulous skirt! sorry if like i got the flag wrong or anything....

plain white tee: robinsons department store
skirt: DIY-ed gap
studded belt: sister's
tights: primark
vintage bally boots :dads old

check it out! my tights have this tiger printed on it and it looks like i have a tatoo (can you see it?), woahness... sucks though cuz it totally ripped in the wash. ah well.

and when i was at claudias house, we found this gigantic sign, random...
thanks for taking my pics clauds!

so yeah, thats about it, once again, HUGE SORRY for the lack of posts, i now have a new year's resolution (hey i didnt make any, so i might as well make one now): post more posts. aww yeah!
loves and kisses, andie

(ps: i am very much aware its supposed to be hugs and kisses, but what do you expect, im bored! and i dont really understand why im bored all the time...)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back in ACTION!!

YAY!! im back home!!
oh btw, watched chicago on my last day in london, IT WAS AMAZING!! okay, no offense or anything, but wicked is still awesomer than chicago, but chicago is at that level of awesomeness too :D

yeah, this is the result of bored children "aliw" (that means finding something so cool you cant help but feel giddy or something like that) with their new superhero pyjamas on a boring summer day, WEEEE!!
so as you can see, me and my friend claudia (shes my bestest friend and is the one who takes most of my pictures) bought superhero pyjamas from a local department store, i got superman, and she got batman ( she didnt give me the pics of her being batman, so i yeah, i guess its just me...). and since we were bored, we decided to have a photo shoot :D
thanks to clauds for editing my pics too :D
now im off to save the world!!!
-andie kickass

P.S. saw roadkill cat, with its guts and brains spilling out, not a pretty picture. sorry, but i dont know why i had the urge to mention that when you couldve lived on without knowing