Friday, October 29, 2010

when im with you i have fun

hello again! Im terribly sorry for not posting for the longest time, i kinda just didnt feel like it because junior year is a totaly pain in the behind. but hey...this is my blawg, i can post whenever the hell i want. OH YEAHHHH

so i just realised that aside from that, i fail you as a fashion blogger because i have never posted anything aside from my outfits what i buy, which leaves me somewhat unfulfilled. so im going try to do one of those every now and then, but for now i bring you...AN OUTFIT POST!
 my neighbor, claudia, and i were trying to make it look like we were flying, so we used a ladder and all. its pretty cool i think.
 top: thrifted
leggings: update
mocassins: etam
sunnies: grandmas old :)
i finally found my dream pair of mocassins. they were pretty cheap (7 euros :D) and they have the most excellent shape. ive been looking for the perfect pair for maybe 2 years, and i finally found them!!! have you ever been on the search for something for the longest time? and if youve found it, isnt it the best feeling in the world knowing that the search was worth it? pray tell :)

anyways im gonna be in america til november 7, so i cant promise frequent posting. til next time!