Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Defying Gravity

that song is pretty sad if you think about it :( MOVING ON

OMG!!!! I JUST WATCHED WICKED!!!!! its so nice!!! i cried almost the whole time !!!! (i didnt want the lights to go on cuz i was crying so much :D). seriously didnt want it to end, so BEAUTIFUL!!

seriously, if ever you have the chance, TAKE IT! you guys should so watch, its like WOW. The girl who plays Elphaba is so pretty and uhmm, Fiyero's pants were pretty tight :...

the awesome dragon that was only used for like the first 10 seconds of the show

i shall now defy gravity (gawsh thats corny)
-wicked awesome (i wish) andie

Sunday, April 19, 2009

something stupid

sorry for the HUGE LACK of posts
but just so you know....

yes thats right, my summer started holiday like a lonnnggggg time ago, so i was pretty much "busy"

so anyways, i went to camden the other day and it was so intense, like frickin AWESOME!!!whats up doc?ate this belgian waffle with chocolate and whipped cream, LUSHCLAUDIA!! BATMAN!!
skirt: gingersnaps
belt: gift
necklace: gift
jacket: old navy
my awesome necklace (yet to be named) with my fave drink EVER!!
btw, business class on cathay, PURE AWESOMENESS. first time i rode it
later guys
-pandee-ngton bear