Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ooooo lolli lolli lolli LOLLIPOP!

hey hey
went to hearst castle today-ay (see how im tryin to rhyme?)
ohmygosh it was amazing. it was the second time i went there, but i never really appreciated it until now. the place is huge and so extravagant. it has this lovely old hollywood feel that makes me want to live there. there were these gigantic pools, and all these fabulous rooms with gorgeous vintage clothing laid out to make it seem more like the time mr. hearst occupied it and and....yknow ill just show you pics in a seperate post, TOO MANY @)
well anyways this is what i wore:
heart shaped shades: H&M
cardigan: found it somewhere in my house
striped tee: primark
floral shorts: flea market
sneaks: converse
purse: sister's
i was trying to go for this lolita look, do you see it? yknow cuz of the heart shaped glasses and the floral print well im not surprised, it kinda failed. but you cant say i tried.
wow, just wonderful
anyways gotta sleep now, its like 2 in the morning, but i cant sleep at all. i still have to try though, so good night :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

dududu-do what you want

oh hello there, im just procrastinating...
so this is a ridonculously quick outfit post because i want to and yeah...
high waisted floral trim shorts: sister's old
star wars shirt: sister's old
fishy socks: sister's old
nautical hat: party city
sneakers: sister's old
palm tree sunnies: pop culture
these socks are actually very hot, why the hell am i wearing them in this summer heat?
oh yeah, they have cute little fishies :)
andddddddddddddddddddd thats all!
okay i have to go study now....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

day old pizza

wow its been forever since my last post. im sorry, its just that ive been caught up in school since next week is already my final term exams. *grumble frumble* the only bright side to that is ITS GONNA BE SUMMER!! WOAH YEAH!! HYPED!!
anyways heres an old outfit that im only posting now:
watermelon collar: DIY
plaid shirt: H&M
bandage skirt:??
shoes: H&M
somewhat geezer glasses: garage sale
chain: sister's
yeah thats my dog bambi. shes wearing that cone thing because she has allergies and yeah... its so funny watching her walk around in it, she bumps into everything! you should see her try walking up the stairs, haha! so cute! i feel bad for her, but not enough to give away my precious leftover pizza, oh hells no!
and i loooove wearing this collar, but it just gets ridonculously annoying when everyone youre with goes to you and pretends to bite you or says "mmm YUMMY!" or something like that. even though thats funny at first and its expected, you can get REALLY sick of it after a while.
im gonna be posting alot this week because im gonna be procrastinating from my studies alot
see ya!!