Sunday, April 11, 2010

not your average stars and stripes

quick post: wore this to the monterey bay aquarium while was still in...monterey bay. will post pictures in another blogpost, so many pictures of pretty sea creatures @)

striped top: ukay ukay
star pants: DIY
shoes: river island
wayfarers: wet seal

and i have to sleep now. its almost 2 in the morning. 
its been almost 2 weeks and i still cant adjust myself to the time.
will reply asap :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

everyday i see my dream

hey guys! hope you all had a happy easter! 
i know i did. and even though i sucked at easter egg hunting (psssh only because my younger cousins had a head start) and there was this weird earthquake, i had loads of fun. :D 
so this is what i wore....

"yes" sequined sweater: sister's old
denim vest: garage sale
black tulle skirt: H&M young
rose printed socks: H&M young
sneaks: converse
and i dont know if you can see, but those socks have roses printed on them :)
oh and i got top 3 in laser tag, WHAT! (but my team didnt win... D:)
anyways ,see ya around! (wow that pic is slightly scary...)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

hearst castle

i suck at taking pictures.....
its even harder cuz how on earth do you capture the ....essence(?) of two huge pools, more than 100 rooms, 3 guest houses and a bajillion gorgeous vintage clothes in a memory card of less than 128 mb?
anyways, off to san diego. will reply to your comments asap, see ya!!