Saturday, February 27, 2010

you keep me drowning in your love

today, i watched the backstreet boys with my dad. and even though we were late....
and heres..... WHAT I WORE!:
sequined panel jacket: department store
floral swimsuit: mum's old
shorts: ukay ukay
sheer tights: ?
beat up converse:sister's old
yeah...uhmmm... its 2 am right now, so im gonna hit the hay. will try to reply to your comments as soon as possible
thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

well what do you know about that?

i wore this the other day and i got a lot of stares, mostly from little girls, i think they're just jealous of my heart dotted socks, chyeah
at first i felt like a little school girl from the 40s, and then i started getting this really weird "Mary Catherine Gallagher" (main character from "superstar") vibe. i actually don't know if thats a good or a bad thing
haha yeah...the second button popped out
denim collared red top thingy: kamiseta
denim button up skirt: gingersnaps
heart dotted socks: topshop
flats: old navy
oh yeah, and marilyn says "hi"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

im a-dancing with myse-elf

(supa quick outfit post!)
it was a free day yesterday, woo!! \m/
but then there was still work to be done :(
so some of my classmates and i class had to recording studio and uhmmm... record some songs for our music class, fun....
anyways this is what i wore:

errmmmm, this is not a very good pic of me, but whatever...^
faded class picture tee: zara man
union jack skirt: DIY
silver sneaks: london
vamp sunnies: party city
and thats it, told you it was a super duper ridonculously quick outfit post :D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

shoe love is true love

WHY HELLO THERE! im sorry i havent updated in awhile, im super tamad lately
so as usual this post is gonna be about an outfit i wore the other day and im only posting it now.
im really loving the balmain meets the 80s fee thoughl. ya catch mah driftage?
floral sweater dress: mum's old
belt: sister's
heels: debenhams!
oh but i forgot to tell you about these lovely heels.
i got them for free. thats right! when my mum went to london, she went into debenhams and bought all this random shiz. and when she came home, she found these babies in her shopping bag. so the next day she tried returning them, but they just gave it to her because no one claimed them. HURRAH!
so yeah. thats all :D
thanks for all your ever so lovely comments, will try to reply to them as soon as possible
now if you excuse me, im watching kerry ellis' last "defying gravity" performance on youtube and i think i may cry *sniff*

Monday, February 15, 2010

the pink slip

i finally watched percy jackson, and.... it sucks! im so disappointed. okay, i didnt read the book or anything but i expected so much out of it. you see, the graphics were terrible, the casting was slightly... off and according to the crazed fans of the book, it was sooooo far from the plot in the book. and logan lerman sucks at acting, WHY?!? !:( :(
so uhmm ,yeah , this is what i wore:
skirt (used as a dress): garage sale
strawberry belt: garage sale
denim vest: garage sale
sneaks: sister's old
chunky bead bracelet: gift
jelly telephone cord bracelets: bazaar
heart sunnies: H&M
oh and to those who watched The Lightning Thief, dont you just find poseidon like gorgeous?? oh, dont get me wrong, logan lerman is hot too, but "percy's dad has got it going bad! hes all that i want and its driving me mad! percy cant you see, youre not god enough for me. i know it might be wrong but im in love with PO-SEI-DON!"
(yeah my friends and i sing that to the tune of "stacy's mom" like all the time now :P)

oh and happy belated valetine's day (?)
(whats up with my face?)

Friday, February 12, 2010


wore this yesterday, posting it today, yadayadayada
striped body suit: cotton on
floral play shorts: gift
gold&black wedges: H&M
^^^super awesome detail at the waist^^^ makes me smile :)

my fave heels forever <3 theyre supposed to be gold though, but here they look beige of some sort
WoAhMahGaWsH theyre shorts!! :O:O
and is what i heard about alexander mcqueen true? please tell me its not true! please??
i just cant believe it...its just too sad :(
RIP mcqueen :<

Saturday, February 6, 2010

its like theres a party in the USA and everyones invited

well this is a late outfit post....
i wasnt actually wearing those knee highs originally, because i didnt have time to put them on. boy if i had all the time in the world, that wouldve been awesome. but since i didnt, i wore my black old navy sneakers. the knee highs look so much better though, yay.
jacket: kids of bayo
american button down: mum's old
shiny silver stirrup unitard: garage sale
belt: topman
knee highs: garage sale
i love this americana button down i found in my mum's closet. when i spotted the print, i knew i had to have it, even if it was just a handkerchief or nightgown (but it wasnt :D). and when i tried it on, "party in the USA" just started playing in my head. like yeah! (err...)
and for some strange reason, my face isnt shown in these pictures. i think subconsciously, i didnt feel like showing my face, but i dont know!... yeah so random, sorry. its just bugging me, thats all

thanks for stopping by! 
see you on the flipside (what does that even mean?)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

you two can ride your bikes

sup dudes? this is just the outfit i wore when i watched the beach boys. it was a tad boring at the beginning because i didnt know any of the surfer songs they were playing. but once they started singing songs everyone knew, it was a blast!  like when they played "surfer girl" and they asked everyone in the audience to bring out their cellphones and hold it up in the air just like how people would with their lighters (but i guess people dont really bring those anymore?), it was amazing. all the cellphones looked like little stars scattered across the audience, reminded me a bit of dumbledore's "funeral" in the half blood prince movie. darn, i wish i took a snap of that. oh and later on in the concert, everyone just ran up in front of the stage and started dancing! it was like ohmygosh like so fun! (sorry, i feel like acting like a ditz for no apparent reason right now)
anyways this is what i wore. my outfits are pretty simple nowadays huh?
striped tee: primark
mustard skirt: kids of bayo
flats: charlotte russe
little red bow pin (came with a shirt): kids of bayo
sunnies: sister's
and i guess thats it
im just gonna go and sulk in a corner now because im seriously craving a DQ blizzard (which i cant get cuz its too late) and im still bummed out that the killers didnt come anymore, WHY?! :(
on the bright side, im gonna watch the backstreet boys on the 27th, yay! 
catch ya later!