Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stick It

i made me some measuring pants! yeah... now you know what ive been doing all summer: DIYing like cuhrazyyyyyy.
top: robinson's
pants: DIY
shoes: river island
stud bracelets: cotton on
so i wore this today, and my whole family were cracking jokes like my sister, whos studying to be an architect, said "hey i dont have to carry my rulers anymore, cause if i ever need to measure something, ill just use you :D" and "geee i wonder whats the length of the pool, hey lets use your pants!". thanks guys, really.

anyways ill see you around, and remember, if you dont have a ruler, just give me a call. haha. no.dont.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

rainbow brite

hey so im just standing in the corner....uhmm yeah
sorry for the lack of posts, i still dont have internet so its kinda hard...but anyways this is what i wore today because it was slightly gloomy so i decided to dress really bright and colourful cuz i would like to think that i made everyones day (<---vainnnn)
(haha im kidding, i just wore it because i felt like it, duhhhhhhhh)
palm tree top: thrifted
skirt: topshop
sneaks: SM!!
jelly bracelets: bazaar
....and been wearing those shoes an awful lot, yeah.....
so glad i bought them. im like pairing them with every outfit i wear right now.
have you guys ever bought anything that can you can wear with anything??
arent they awesome??