Monday, November 30, 2009

1, 2, do the kung fu!

(really long post)
and im back from hongkong! such a short trip. kinda bumming but i got to spend my 15th birthday, last saturday, in hongkong! HOLLA!!!

started off the awesome day with breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental

arent these chirstmas stars just precious??

i ordered the eggs royal, which is just like an eggs benedict but with salmon. (i was originally supposed to get the eggs benedict, but my other sister is a vegeterian, but eats seafood, and i felt bad that she couldnt try food, so i got it :D arent i the sweetest?)

what the veg got, a bowl of muesli (seriously??)

and may i introduce to you probably the BEST FRICKIN CHOCOLATE MUFFIN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! it may not look it cuz its not dark brown and spotted with chocolate chips compared to the usual, but i swear to you, it is. every bite, theres a burst of chocolate heaven. *dies*
had frozen yogurt in a shop with the awesomest name

why didnt I come up with that^^^??

partied it up in Ikea

forever wish that this is my room

ate in a korean restaraunt called arirang and blew out a candle on a dessert which appears to be my birthday cake. well i had like 4 cups of ice cream today anyways!
posed with the cutest shop window ever

sequined sweater: sister's old
floral pants: zara
sequined jacket: soiree
sneaks: converse
monchichi bag: sm department store
and thats about it. more in the next post, twas an awesome day

thanks for dropping and stopping by! (dropping and stopping??)
-now 15 year YOUNG andie (yes i feel old at this age, how screwed is that?)

Friday, November 20, 2009


WOOHOO NO SCHOOL TODAY! pretty much just spent the day shopping (on my own *sniff* dang you ew moon for taking my friends away! and no, not christmas shopping, just impulse shopping for mahself. so much for the time of giving.SHAME ON YOU ANDIE!), following a girl with this really rad lace blouse that i should have taken a picture of, losing my camera twice and looking for my phone for 30 min when it was just RIGHT THERE. dont you hate it when you lose something and you look everywhere and when you give up, its right in front of you?

yo check out the awesome wallpaper in the KOB dressing rooms!

and this is what i wore:

cropped top: DIY-ed
denim vest: garage sale
dress (worn under top and as a skirt??): KOB
sneaks: camden
heart shaped sequined coin purse: bazaar
random accesories

so proud of that pic^
( it was actually a failed jumping pic, yeahhhhhh)

so what are your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

youve got the power to know youre indestructable, ALWAYS BELIEVE IT!

today is my fabulous older sister's birthday, happy birthday!
and i the fabulous younger sister wore this today:

tuxedo vest: garage sale
shimmery drapey cardigan thing: mum's
gold tank: sister's
teal skinnies: department store
shoes: topshop

i was trying to go for a penguin tail coat thing look, do you see it? it wasnt very obvious, but i think it turned out quite well, with sparkles and stuff

someone said i looked like a magician :D

radio, someone still loves you

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

saw her in the amazon, with a voltage running through her skin

this isnt an oufit post, this is just a homage to the awesome lightning bolt ring that i "borrowed" (okay more like i tried it on in school and accidentally took home with me, but thats the same thing, right?) from my classmate.

batwing top: sister's
silver stirrup jumpsuit: garage sale
silver sneaks: london
ring: melspice :P

just realised that this outfit was quite lady gaga inspired.
melisse (we call her melspice :P), my classmate, was lady gaga for halloween...makes sense....
oh and do excuse the messed up hair and the weird face, i was trying to make it look like im shedding lightning bolt tears. fail.

wow these pics are really bad, stupid old camera. i miss the canon :( *sniff*

so awesomely awesome, WIN.

take one last look and say goodnight

Saturday, November 7, 2009

you cant kill me now, im eating a mcflurry

wow this day is lazy
shall keep this post in some sort of way simple (?)

floral halter dress: sister's old
denim button up/down (?) skirt: gingersnaps
cardigan: katsy's old
strawberry rainbow belt: garage sale
shoes: camden
watch: casio


don't die

oh and thanks kiki of Kiki and the Kaleidoscope for the blog award

i dont know who to tag anymore and youre all so awesomely awesome, so consider yourself tagged, yes, that includes YOU *points at uhmm, you, the reader*

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
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uhmm so 7 more "interesting" things about me:
1. my favorite ice cream flavour is vanilla, WHICH IS NOT A BORING FLAVOUR AT ALL
2. i totally stole that cardigan from my friend (well not entirely, LOVE YOU KATSUP!!)
3. ive recently developed some sort of paranoia for lizards since one fell on my arm, gave me a huge fright and didnt want to come off after how long of flapping my arm around, so i had to flick it off. now its like on my wall just staring at me... O.o
4. i have had like 2 cavities, how appealing... 8|
5. ive never really watched the 1st Pirates of the Caribbean, like only parts of it, but ive watched the 2nd and the 3rd, is that wrong?
6. i had this really weird poncho phase when i was in 6th grade and now i still have like 4 ponchos rotting in my closet, i should wear them when it starts to get even just a tinge cold
7. im craving caramel apples right now, but i cant get any because theres none in manila :(