Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hey ho, LETS GO!

randomness = quick post after a lonnnnggggg period of not-posting-ness
(well like my vocabulary is being like omg, like gone-ring, like yknow? gawsh our generation is being poisoned by disney channel and twilight, sorry to those who praise them.)

buffalo shirt: sisters
crochet watchamacallit: kamiseta
shorts: malaysia
sneaks: old navy
beret: sisters



Saturday, July 18, 2009

the bells, bells, bells.....

the rhyming and the chiming of the bells
learning edgar allan poe, too cool
YAY!! IM SO HAPPY TODAY!! i bought two new things! one of which is this fabulous dress from kids of bayo! yeah its a kids dress, too short for me. its funny cos i came to the shop like 5 times to check if they had my size and they said theres only size 8 and ima size 16 there. but i really wanted it so i tried on the and ALAS! IT FITS! probably one of the best shopping days ever.

dress (used as a top): KOB
Cardi: hand me down
jeans : h&m
flats: zara
belt: sister's
nerdie frames: f21 (popped the lenses of sunnies, yeah B) )

oh then i realised that the whole getup thing is like taylor swift in he"you belong with me" vid. i think thats where i got the idea to wear the nerds glasses, yeah. oh she was really good as the mean slutty girl btw. :D

photo credit:

you belong with me
hahaha, thats pretty weird....
and credits to my bestest friend clauds for taking my pics! she now has a flickr! hurrah! chuchuchucheck it out

well this was kind of a quick post wasnt it?
gawd i wish i had a trumpet