Saturday, January 10, 2009

everybody look down, its all in your mind

HEY!! sorry for the blocking thing, i was playing around with my account when i was bored, and i left it on authors only. whoops :D and sorry for the lack of posts, mucho lazy.

this is the fabulous dress i told you guys about before. The one that i said was sooo pretty or something like that. Remember?? I wore this dress to a wedding and this weird formal thing that we had in school to learn formal dining etiquette. And i wore the tights again :D:D WEEEEE!!! My teachers kept staring at them. It was funny :P

dress: anthology
shoes charlotte russe
tights: target

necklace: bazaar
OH! and id like you guys to meet: Gregory Erique Maximillion, the striped horse they call "zebra". toys RULE when you never got one when you were really small. RAWK ON!!!

later alligator


pps.the moon was big-ass today, LOOK!


Rosanna said...

Hi! I got the docs from Hong Kong :)

We'd love to exchange links! Added you already!


yiqin; said...

My, your dog ate chocolates?! Is your dog alright now? Btw, love the blue stockings!

Janina Dentata said...

yeah! you're back! I love your dress and tights. I just brought a bunch online yesterday. As for Annoying Dudes , evolution will catch up to him. Hope your doggie gets well soon.

Nicole said...

I went to an etiquette dinner before, too! It was pretty fun. Dressing up for it was obviously the best part.

Amelia said...

I love the dress! Happy New Year.

Carlita said...

Cute dress, love the tights!

Fashion Babbler said...

thanks for the comment!
I love your dress, its wicked pretty and I would love to swap links :]

Carlita said...

I would love to swap links!
I'll add you right now :)

In-tree-gue said...

I'm jelous of Gregory Erique Maximillion

Jobee said...

you still are a kid bb.