Monday, February 23, 2009

i grabbed a dinner knife and stabbed B1 and B2, what was i thinking? :(

once again pay no attention to the blogtitle, its part of yet ANOTHER weird dream i had
today was AWESOME!!
i went shopping with a bruised eye, don't worry, its just make up. the reason for having the eye is because i had to make a video play of Julius Caesar. but my group made a "kiddie version", so instead of being stabbed to death, i was beaten up (yeah that's right, i was Caesar. disadvantages of being in an all-girls school: having to play parts of guys). it was so funny, i got a lot of stares when i went shopping, and even my family members were all like OMG! what happened to your eye?!?!
this isnt really what i wore today. i actually wore a punk-esque outfit to match my bruised eye, but i really love this new dress i bought today:

dress: kids of bayo
vest: garage sale
pins and buttons: found them around the house
shoes: converse
necklace: gift
my friend did the "bruised" eye thing for me :D
you cant really see it, but it says "LOVE " on the enter button of the keyboard :)

peace love and rock n roll
-scarface andie :P


Carlita said...

Ohhh I want your vest :P!! And that dress is fabulous! I have been wanting a similar looking dress to wear to church.

My parents had once considered putting me in an all girls school but decided not to in the end. I had gone to private schools all my life though. Anyway, your bruised eye looks totally real! Aw, being stuck playing the guy can be a downer but also very fun!

closeup said...

cute cute!

clairegrenade said...

LOVE your use of denim...and holy cute necklace batman??!!

Amelia said...

That's funny about the video play thing. Whenever I'm in a skit or something in one of my classes, I like to where my costume all day.

I love the print of your dress!

yiqin; said...

The denim vest is so unique & you wear it so adorably :)

Riina said...

that vest is so cute !

Vintage Tea said...

Lovely dress

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A Rage In Jersey said...

your vest is on point. and that bruised eye looks legit. love your style. :)

modern antoinette said...

I love the pins on your vest!!!


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Chester said...

Cool dress!
And that is a pretty awesome necklace!

Anonymous said...

Love the vest! :) It looks really great on you.. especially paired up with the dress.

- Jei

pangea said...

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Kelly said...

lovely dress!

kaitlyn said...

i love your little vest, the buttons are cuute. and i dig the dress too. how did you get a "love" key on your keyboard?? =]

Enep said...

lovely dress ;)


Cammila said...

You're so cute in your pretty little dress with your pretty little vest!

jaleh said...

aw the dress is so cute and the bruised eye too ;p
im an absolute klutz so similar things have sadly actually happened to me numerous times :(