Monday, March 16, 2009

my heart is screaming

SERIOUSLY sorry for the lack of posts, but its exam week and i really have to study. Im actually supposed to be studying right now, but i had to get some reviewers from my friend, so i thought i might as well....
i shall put random things that appeal to me:

im sorry, but dont you find it odd, that when you say LOL, you're not even laughing out loud?
this is how i feel towards my LOVELY, beyond retarded exams

images^ from

okay only one was seriously beyond retarded, my compostion exam


i think ill [TRY TO] make one for fun, and if so Home Ec :)
image from

oh and this is some random thing me and my friend (CLAUDIA!!!) did:
domo arigato mr. robato

with parts made from japan! (a secret secret, ive got a secret)

see that^? thats me
just so you know, that is not a mask. can you guess what it is?

thanks for your precious time, i will go sulk about school now
-some weird robot-monster-like-thing-that- actually- has- feelings-and-goes-by-the-name-ANDIE


Gloria C. said...


I'm very guilty of saying 'lol' in RL convo.

hehe that robot hat/hoodie/thing? I really like it.

I want a hoodie with froggie eyes a la keroppi

Kelly said...

"i really don't give a french toast anymore." haha, i love that!

Amelia said...

I love the french toast one. Those, err, not-mask pics are fun.

yiqin; said...

I use LOL way too much too =x

In-tree-gue said...

I love the last picture, good luck on your exams!

lola said...

Hehe.. lol.. kidding!

nikky said...

exchange links?

Noelle Chantal said...

that monster thing is so cute! great fun photos! i esp like the 2nd to the last pic. hehe

and yes, i'll add you up on my link. :)

Cammila said...

So many cool images! Some of these made me laugh out loud. :)

Emz said...

haha, oh I say lol all the time, or "haha"... oops!

Seth said...

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Maddy said...

Love that french toast one, good luck on your exams!

I'm just starting out with with my blog and am hoping it will turn into something about Melbourne teen fashion... I'd love you to check it out and maybe give me some advice or exchange links?

ty x.

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