Saturday, June 20, 2009


okay even though im not a huge fan of gym class heroes, like i only know two of their songs (girlfriend and clothes off)
HES REALLY COOL!! like he just has this aura of coolness around him, its so...COOL :D
my sister interviewed him for a local newspaper called "the philippine star", so i thought i would just tagged along.... WEEEEEEEE!!

^mah sistah nicola yo

wow im boring...

okay i wanted to pose the second time, but i got really conscious and shy....
i am such a loser

some mtv phil hosts
(i wonder if the mic's just fo show...)

i took a pic of the thing he reads when hes pretending to look at the camera and acting all natural, hehe

OHMYGOSH! okay so you see my strawberry belt right there?? HE COMPLIMENTED ON IT!!!
yknow what he said? :D:D he said "hey i like your belt, my girlfriend would LOVE that".... get it? his girlfriend is KATY PERRY!! HE KNOWS KATY PERRY WOULD LOVE MY BELT!! :D
okay not a hug fan of katy too, but whatever dude...melting icecream tee: uniqlo
skirt: topshop
strawberry-rainbow belt: garage sale
sneaks: converse

oh and i asked him to signed my sisters shirt, and i didnt get anything for me except a handshake, a compliment and a pic... I AM SO STUPID! so jealz right now....

anyways, i must go now,
-andie (who is jumping around right now because she is totally hyper)


yiqin; said...

Wow, you met him?!?!! Love your pink skirt too :)

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

Love thi mixy matchy colours so much!

lucille said...

Love your outfits !

Lisa said...

That's so cool!

[LA] said...




In-tree-gue said...

love the shirt, and skirt from the last post.

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Haha that's so cool! Love the skirt, and I love the british skirt (post below)!

Thanks for your nice comment! I've linked you already:)

Mads said...

Andie you're super super lucky!! I love gym class heroes..=)


Stacy said...

the belt is awesome
and you are SOOO lucky! gym class heroes is a pretty awesome band

Cammila said...

How cool! Meeting practically any celebrity sounds exciting to me.

Love your cute little belt! :)