Friday, August 7, 2009

this time baby ill be bullet proof

sup? i took random pictures in my dad's bathroom, strangely it has the best lighting in the house. weird...
still cant get enough of my sister's belt. ITS SUPER COOL! oh incase you guys were wondering, she got it from UO. SUPER CRAZY! we wanted to buy one in every colour! yeah, i got that weird coloured plastic bangle from a kiddie meal in spain, how random..

top: childhood closet
belt: sister's
tulle skirt: gingersnaps
sneaks: converse
bangle like thing: mcdonald's kiddie meal's free toy



excuse me while i sulk about my failed photography in the bipolar weather


zoe. said...

I LOVE you skirt! nice blog :)

daisychain said...

I adore the skirt, so perfect

Ru said...

this outfit is perfect in every way!! that belt really is be honest i don't shop in UO much cos i always think it's a bit overrated, but for this i would make an exception!!

i love yr blog by the way, thanks for taking the time to comment on mine!! can't believe yr such a young thing with all the awesome outfits you come up with!! i was definitely never so tuned-in at yr age!!


Style Bird said...

Love the the skirt.

Katie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I don't see anything wrong with a big, red bow.
PS Your belt is so cool and I've been looking for a skirt like the one in these pictures. Fingers crossed I find one.

Nerdic.. said...

Like the belt.
X, fashion-nerdic.

Beki said...

Awesome skirt, and the belt is deffinatly cool!

joegrimjow said...


Noelle Chantal said...

oh this one of my fave outfit of yours. i like the tulle skirt a lot and the belt is just gorgeous! this outfit looks great on you! :)

Gladys said...

ohhh beautiful skirt!
I like your blog, I'll follow you :)

Cammila said...

Ooh, very cool belt! I love it.

emily said...

haha, my bathroom has the best light in the house too. :)

Anonymous said...

love your skirt :D