Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cinnamon lips and candy kisses

USHDKFLNSDIOFHJSOILDMFSD DOMOKUN! (they totally ripped off domo...)

so, went to sm megamall to find kira plastinina, and sadly, failed. stupid guard, didnt do anything. couldnt find it at all, not even in the directory because it just opened apparently (update it why dont ya?). so we (sister dear and i) decided to go into this store called "just g." and its too cute! think its now one of my faves.

dress (worn as a top): h&m young
skirt: camden
sequined beret: topshop
necklace: sister's
shoes: zara trf

oh the wonders of camwhoring in a really really ridiculously cute looking dressing room.

wish i took pics of the ACTUAL store though, love the colour scheme and the naked kelly dolls with dyed neon hair tied onto little mini frames scattered around the store made me smile the rest of the way :) next time yeah?

ill be seeing ya
-domolover123cantaloupe (sooo random i swear, think ill make that my new username for something, TRY HACKING THAT)
ps. i heard that [actual real-life] kira is coming to the phils for a visit soon :D:D:D seriously hope so and hyped beyond the valley!! yeahhhh


Vik said...

great photos!! love the hat!
much love from Ireland xx

Adela said...

i love the hat and the skirt! gorgeous fashion! =)


Roz said...

That looks like a great shop..
Thanks for the nice comment! (;


Isabel said...

Love the sequin hat! And I'm sure you weren't missing out on much by not going to Kira Plastinina, that store looks really cheap.

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

You look so cute! That skirt is really pretty... I love the shape! Very feminine.


Amelia said...

Domo! I read the Domo books in Japanese when I was younger...and could still read in Japanese...

The sequined hat is awesome!

Simes. said...

Hey! great pictures, loved your blog. take a look at ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it.

NICOLE said...

these are too cute love your hat

Beki said...

Love your hat and skirt!!!


Laura @ effluvia said...

Skirt looks really cute and feminine!

Tenny said...

i'm loving both the skirt and beret.


Gladys said...

The skirt is gorgeous!


daisychain said...

love your skirt

Katie said...

I love that skirt. So cool!

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Cute! I totally love that hat. Sequins = AMAZING. Argh, love it!

Aww.. Thanks so much for stopping by! :) And I finally responded to your award, so thanks again :) haha

yiqin; said...

LOL that first picture is too cute :D

sophie la-la-la x said...

amazing photos!
the skirt is amazing, I must head over to camden soon!
please visit my blog -

sophie x

MM said...

ahhhh love the pictures!
how old are you? you have such great style!


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fritha louise said...

such a cute outfit! i love the pretty skirt witht he sparkly beret!