Thursday, August 20, 2009

i got lots of pictures in my head, you better not TURN OFF THE PROJECTOR

went to my budbudbud's house CLAWJAH (the best awesomenest girl who takes most of my pics),chilled and ate her awesome foreign chocolate bisquit sandwhiches ( doyou spell "sandwhich/wich" with an "h" or no "h", random question, sorry....)

floral thingy: garage sale
white tee: robinson's department store
shorts: sister's old
tights: primark
sneaks: camden
big red bow: ?
ze awesome tiger detail thing. yknow i really want to make those doodle tights everyones starting to do. how

do you make them? just a sharpie? i dont get it...
thanks for taking my pics again clauds! :D
oh i got this random story about when i wore that big red bow (im sure i told alot of you guys, but whatever man! my story!) and someone commented "somewhere in the ghettos of tacky town is a giftwrapper losing a big red bow" or some shiz like that. and im like "okayyyy thanks for that useless comment that i will do nothing for the world"

this is lancelot by the way. claudias little rocking horse that my friends and i pitched in to buy for her bday. lookie lookie!

oh an i watched UP today, one of the cutest/sweetest/most beautiful movies ever!!! i didnt wear this actually, i wore a graduation hat with mickey mouse ears and a red cape. super random i know, but i felt like it. just one of those days.... got a lot of stares, yeah..... pretty weird........



1. the princess and the frog (its set in the New Orlean's French Quarter during the JAZZ AGE <--- beyond hyped for that)

2. coraline ( i doubt its ever coming out here, so yeah IM LATE)

3. 500 days of summer (OMG ZOOEYYY!!!!)

4. ponyo (LOOKS TOO CUTE!!!)

5. the time traveler's wife

6. alice in wonderland(johnny depp :):):):D)
photo credit:

now, watch me fly away and thanks for the adventure
-andie (insert those heart things, yknow those black hearts? that i can never figure out to do. anyone know how?)


Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

AWESOME blog chica! Love that big red bow too! And you're lucky to have elder sisters and all, so you can steal their clothes! :P My only sister is 10 years younger than me, so fat chance of even sharing clothes lol. plus we don't have the same taste in clothes.... :(


Bella said...

hahhahaha, i think i might move to the ghettos of tacky town if theyre giving away awezum bows liek that :D your blog is hilarious and your sense of style is randomly amazing :]
thanks for the comment xxxx

June Paski said...

love ur outfits u're so cuteee :), i love up sooo much best ever movie!
can't wait to see alice in the wonderland


yiqin; said...

Your yellow shoes are fab! PS. UP IS REALLY GOOD!

Amelia said...

I love the first picture! That red bow is really awesome and it's cool with the yellow shoes. Ooh, The Princess and the Frog looks great, too.

Re your comment: Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they didn't actually dye the cats. I think it's photoshopped. I could be wrong, though...

Simes. said...

Thanks for stopping by, we really appreciate it.

Roz said...

Nice pictures. I like the angle of the first.. And doodle tights are pretty cool. I have this friend who literall makes doodling into an art from, so she'd probably be good at making them! haha.
Oh, and thanks for the lovely comment! :)

sophie la-la-la x said...

thankyou for the lovely comment, it made my day!
i love the detailing on your outfit, from the bow to the tiger, oh and the cardie is adorable! you put outfits together really nicely!
oh and I've seen the time travelers wife, its amazing if a little disturbing!

sophie x

Emily said...

Thank you for visiting my blog :)

I want to see Ponyo, too!

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Oh my god, I love your outfit! The shoes and cardigan are amazing. But I have to say that i LOVE your giant bow. It's awesome. Oh, and I SO want to see 500 days of Summer. (Among many others that I have yet to see!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Beki said...

I think the bow's awesome!!

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

I am dying to see Alice in Wonderland as well! It's such a lovely story.

Thanks for your very sweet comment! =)


Adela said...

i love the bow and the floral shirt! =D

Isabel said...

Haha, I love the bow. Awesome!

In-tree-gue said...

I love giant floppy bows! and those shoes with the florals and giant bow are perfect.
omg Alice in wonderland super excited alsdkfasdf

Patty Ann said...

you have the
the ones with your yellow shoes are awesome!!!
and the big red bow is awesome!!!
i have one too!
your bow is just like from a juicy couture ad!!

Jo-B Sebastian said...

you wore my mickey mouse hat.... out of the house? how dare you! how dare you! how dare you! oh and when i put coraline on the tellie you didn't even care. Scoff. I've ordered it on blu-ray, they come with 3d specs... don't steal them from me. Scoff scoff. haha later bewds.

-older brother

Zhcsyra hp said...

wowwoh cool outfits ,.look lyk a minnie mouse .,.

nameeee here!? said...

love the blog