Saturday, October 31, 2009

i dont care, ill just pull your underwear

hey...isnt that pirate talk?
i dont know if you havent noticed, but i was a sailor girl person like thing :D
matching with the awesome montse!
i wanted to draw a fake tattoo with something like a heart with those little ribbon things saying a name like "jessies girl" (<-rick springfield \m/) or whatever, that wouldve been cool... no time though, bleh.

sailor dress: niner's
sailor hat: niner's
striped shorts: ?
heart tights: topshop
flats: topshop

well i was actually "Belle" from "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" in the daytime during trick or treating, then i changed into the sailor costume because i was all gross and sweaty... and i really wanted to wear both costumes. but i was more like a screwed up belle, wearing my sisters old belle costume dress with black knee high chucks and long boarded around while trick or treating( i didnt take a pic though... but i featured the dress before in a really old post). several kids shouted "you look like a freak" and someone was wobbling a bobble head through their car window saying "dont fall!" and random people yelled at me. uhmm...this is halloween.

WOAHMAHGOSH! i just realised, i was a princess by day and a sailor by night. I JUST HAD A HANNAH MONTANA MOMENT YOU GUYS! ew. might as well be like selena russo or whatever that chick from the show thing with them wizards who like sell burgers or tacos or shiz like that. wtf.

im kinda bummed though.
all the good candies were gone by the time i went trick or treating and loads of house had queues, what the...
my group was supposed to be the addams family but uncle fester left and so it just tore us apart
yes i know that was what happened in the movie, BUT SERIOUSLY! OUR UNCLE FESTER WENT OUT OF TOWN!
yeah, wasnt feeling this halloween. and what makes it worse was that it was my first halloween after like 3 years because i would always go out of town during my semestral break. ah well.

hope you guys had a good one!


daisychain said...

your so cute

yiqin; said...

Awesome dress <3

Aivan Magno said...

Good for you! I wasn't able to attend any party so I wasn't able to dress up like an EMO or HIPPIE or any Hollywood Celebrity as a costume. Great idea(Sailor). It would have been cooler if you have that tattoo :)

Bella said...

hahhhahah cool costume :) I like the hippie too :)
oh and come to my blog I have a surprise for you :D xxx

fayeee said...

i like the sailor tights, there lovely.
and yes cuteee you are!
take a peek at mine too, yerrrr?! :)

UnoCosa said...

hi, lovelie.... what a great sailor girl outfit, you are just soooo cute!! hope you had great time, xx

Lola vee said...

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Liya said...

girl you are so funny

love the costume!

Sophie said...

Oh I love your sailor outfit, its so cute! Looks really good. Sounds like you had a good halloween as well.
Thanks so much for your sweet comment, and your get well soon balloon! Hope your laptop is feeling better! xo

Niki B. said...

happy halloween! great costume :)

Faridah said...

OMG you look awesome!

toxic disco boy said...

what a cute outfit! ^^ when i was young(er) eh wala kaming trick or treat. LOL. meron na pala ngaun. astig! ^^

michellehendra said...

happy halloween cutiE :)


JINX said...

love your style and your header is killer...

syd vicious said...

i adore your costume!

ms.Gee said...

good dress :)

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

Hey sweetie, thanks for the comment you left on my blog :)

OMG this post made me giggle soooo much! your posts are always so funny! Love the adorable sailor outfit

♥ Hannah


PS: please enter the £50 ASOS voucher giveaway on my blog!


Nancy Magoo said...

Aw, I want a sailor hat.