Saturday, November 7, 2009

you cant kill me now, im eating a mcflurry

wow this day is lazy
shall keep this post in some sort of way simple (?)

floral halter dress: sister's old
denim button up/down (?) skirt: gingersnaps
cardigan: katsy's old
strawberry rainbow belt: garage sale
shoes: camden
watch: casio


don't die

oh and thanks kiki of Kiki and the Kaleidoscope for the blog award

i dont know who to tag anymore and youre all so awesomely awesome, so consider yourself tagged, yes, that includes YOU *points at uhmm, you, the reader*

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs i nominate.
uhmm so 7 more "interesting" things about me:
1. my favorite ice cream flavour is vanilla, WHICH IS NOT A BORING FLAVOUR AT ALL
2. i totally stole that cardigan from my friend (well not entirely, LOVE YOU KATSUP!!)
3. ive recently developed some sort of paranoia for lizards since one fell on my arm, gave me a huge fright and didnt want to come off after how long of flapping my arm around, so i had to flick it off. now its like on my wall just staring at me... O.o
4. i have had like 2 cavities, how appealing... 8|
5. ive never really watched the 1st Pirates of the Caribbean, like only parts of it, but ive watched the 2nd and the 3rd, is that wrong?
6. i had this really weird poncho phase when i was in 6th grade and now i still have like 4 ponchos rotting in my closet, i should wear them when it starts to get even just a tinge cold
7. im craving caramel apples right now, but i cant get any because theres none in manila :(


Liya said...

cuuuuute cardi
thanks for the comment :)
and congrats on YOUR award girl!!
love your blog, you always make me smile

sorry bout the cavities!

Anonymous said...

This outfit is sooo cute!!! I love how you put the skirt over the dress (I really need to try this look) and that cardi is super adorable!!

Ooh loved your 7 facts too! Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor too-you can do so much with it to change it up... how can you not love it?! :)


toxic disco boy said...

sooo cute! i love that ur not afraid to mix different prints and colors. u look great. ^^

fayeee said...

the poncho one reminds me of some of my clothes i have in my close rotting away sometimes ;) and thankyou for the long comment you gave me it really made me smile so I will at least try and return the favour back to you, it's only fair! and yup to be honest I think everyone knows what they want but STILL can't make decisions - it's ridiculous! OOooh the cardigan is definatly my favourite partttt!
welll speak soooon yeah!x

daisychain said...

vanilla is my favourite too
(but omg I would kill for a mcflurry right now)

tegan said...

I HEART THAT CARDIGAN. Oh, uh, hi :) sorry, just think your blog is pretty cool, and I am loving that cardi!

Kiki said...

Oh haha. I'm sorry for making you do this twice, but I loved your seven facts! Other than the cavities, ick.

Awesome awesome cardigan. I would steal it from my friend too, if she owned something like that you know.

Have a lovely day!

English Rose said...

lovee the cardi - it reminds me of south america and the whole 'global' trend - really like the blog =]

Bella said...

oops I think I gave you the same award >_> OMG I went through a poncho phase too :o :o xxx

Anonymous said...

wait, you're filipino? i am too!

cute blog, following it now :)

Noelle Chantal said...

haha the thing about the lizard made me laugh! and sorry about the cavities! hehe you are one funny girl!

i like the pieces you wore here. very fun, young and fresh. mix and match very cute! :)

congrats! and thanks for the award!

MJ said...

That cardigan is so cute and retro! Love it - I'd never have thought of wearing it but it looks so awesome on you...

Eggy said...

ahaha i saw your name on someone blog "blair waldork" and i just had to check it out. congrats on your award! love the blog and the super cute outfit!

Phyllis said...

great colors, love the cardi

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT. It's so cute. It reminds me of a little girl, but I TOTALLY MEAN THAT IN THE BEST OF WAYS. Like, I love your outfit and would totally wear it! Haha, and I love all your facts. Very funny.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Niki B. said...

umm now I want a mcflurry too. haha
xx Niki

michellehendra said...

loving your colorful cardigan babe :)


xo, Alexi said...

your outfit is so happy and cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the prints and colors.