Sunday, April 10, 2011

here we go again

Hi, my name is Andie. I am a 16 year old style blogger. I have been blogging for roughly around 2 years and this post is the start of the rebirth of my blog. I don't know what drove me to want to do over this blog and I honestly do not know how changing the banner and deleting my old posts were considered as a "rebirth", but I hope that this whole "rebirth" will make me a better blogger. That is all.


Brianna said...

I just sort of "redid" my blog as well! Excited to see what comes next:)

mardijane said...

that is exciting, i think change i always good. that's a realy unrealistic saying but in the long run maybe. anyway, well i loved your blog from the start and i'm sure i'll love it still :) the header looks fantastic!

daisychain said...


Roan said...

Welcome back Andie! :D

Roan of The Explosive Orange

vivian said...

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Vinita Jayant said...

Change is exciting

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