Monday, May 23, 2011

Jeffrey Rogador Holiday 2011

photos by: style bible digital 
This collection by Jeffrey Rogador was said to be inspired by Archie comics. Makes a lot of sense because the baseball pants, tight waists, and speech bubbles just scream Riverdale, I love it. I was quite disappointed with the women's clothes as compared to the men's selection though. Yes they go with the theme but they didnt come off as strong as the menswear did, they couldve been MUCH better. Other than that  and the fact that half the time i couldnt understand what the speech bubbles said, I absolutely loved the show!


monica said...

this is cute - altho i mainly only see reggie & veronica's influences

love the word bubbles

the pink boudori

Noelle Chantal said...

Great collection and very nice inspiration. :) By the way, love the photos on the previous post, I do have the same Mickey shades too, minus the polka dots. :)

roanjean said...

Agree, I like the men's better.

The Explosive Orange

Anna said...

yeah i agree with you, i like the guys more.. but the speech bubbles are funny! haha

Becky Regina said...

I love it! Just so cute! Lovely collection :)

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